Portrait by  Haley Ringo

Portrait by Haley Ringo

Elisa Fisher is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas who believes that traveling positively shapes one's perspective, mind, and life. She captures destinations in artful and interesting ways not just for the sake of making pretty pictures, but to create images that evoke a desire in the viewer to see more of the world.

Elisa received her BFA in Studio Art with a Photography emphasis from Baylor University in 2012; her study of art history and multiple fine art forms has developed her creative eye and shaped her unique vision. Her belief that every person is connected in some way, along with a deep sense of empathy and trust, contributes to her consistently crafting positive experiences for the companies she works for and the people she works with. She has traveled to eighteen countries and has lived in Southeast Asia for one year and Europe for six months. She is always striving to learn more, live life vibrantly, and create uniquely.